As the Covid19  restrictions ease, our markets are returning to a more normal format, and pre-ordering is no longer necessary. We are better able to keep our products at a safe temperature if they don’t need to be packed in individual coolers, so we encourage you to purchase ‘a la carte’ at market. Please feel free to hand us a list at the stand, and we will quickly assemble your order :-). Thank you for supporting our family farm, and stay well!

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Our Goal...

     We desire to produce exceptional, healthy and affordable Certified Organic, 100% Grass fed Dairy products and Raw Milk Cheeses,  Beef, and Lamb for our customers, while also providing a sustainable and satisfying farming operation in which to live and work for our family.

     We strive to practice careful, responsible and humane husbandry of our animals, while also preserving and protecting the soils on our farms, and minimizing our farming operations' impact on our neighbors, the Susquehanna Watershed and the environment.

     We do everything we can to participate honestly and openly as regards our Organic Certification.

     Thanks for visiting our site, and we hope that we can assist you in your quest to find exceptional, certified organic, 100% grass fed food for you and for your family.