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Building Fences

Posted 4/6/2016 10:38am by Rebecca Coulter.

Collisions between fenceposts and farm equipment don’t usually have a good result for either one.  After a few years, and a few close encounters, some of our fences had noticeable sags where there used to be posts.  Since none of us are fond of running after loose cattle, who usually find the weak spots in the fences and make their escape at inconvenient times, Jason and Jacob mounted the post pounder on the skidloader this week and set to work. 

They should have been able to finish replacing all the broken posts this week, but they expressed a remarkable reluctance to continue the job in the pouring rain.  Instead, they stayed inside, and used the time for some lively discussion of exactly who was driving the equipment during the implement/post encounters, and how much smarter it would have been to use a little more caution and a little less speed.   I’m sure next week’s better weather will have them finishing up so we will have tight, strong fences around all the pastures when we turn the cows out for their first taste of the fresh spring grass.