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It could only happen to Jared

Posted 5/6/2016 10:31am by Rebecca Coulter.

     With the addition of bottled milk to our product lineup, the trailer we used to haul everything to farmers market was quickly becoming too small for the task.  Over the winter, we purchased a larger trailer, and Jared spent weeks insulating and putting a cooling system and shelves in a section of it to create a mini ‘reefer’, and setting up the rest of the trailer to hold the tents, tables, coolers and other necessities.


     As we started taking it to market, we found a few details that still needed attention, and Jared would work at them as he had time.  On a recent Tuesday morning, expecting Kinley to leave for market at 10:00, Jared hopped on the trailer to finish up some work in the ‘reefer room’.  Much to his dismay, Kinley was actually scheduled to leave at 9:00, and he fastened the outer door shut, jumped in the truck, and headed out the driveway.  Jared said if he hadn’t been so shocked at being locked in, he might have started hollering soon enough for Kinley to hear him; as it was, all he got for the yelling was a hoarse throat.  He next started to picture his dad’s face when he opened the trailer in 2 ½ hours at market, and decided to take some action. 


     Fishing through the bins of supplies, he found a brightly colored flag that we used to advertise our ice cream.  He pried open the top corner of the side door on the trailer, and snaked the flag out, expecting the occupants of the truck to see it flapping in the wind and realize they had a stowaway.  Unfortunately, the flag was high enough to be hard to see in the mirrors, and didn’t get noticed right away.  Jared had formulated another plan, and started in on breaking a hole through the front wall of the trailer, before the flag got Kinley’s attention and he stopped. 

     As he walked back to the trailer door, Kinley could hear banging inside, and he started imagining what kind of wild animal could have gotten on the trailer during the night; Jared’s disgruntled face was not on the list of things he expected when he opened the door.  Maybe it is time for Jared to start carrying a cell phone…..