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Tractors don't start when it's cold.

Posted 1/6/2016 10:46am by Kinley Coulter.



     Usually during the winter, our tractors and skid loader stay in the shop or one of the barns.  But this recent cold snap caught Jason off guard, and the ‘big’ tractor was left outside.  When he went to start it so he could haul some bales to feed the cows, it showed no sign of life.  After about an hour of tinkering at 9 degrees he came and asked his dad for advice.  The two of them rigged up a heater under the engine block, close enough to warm everything but far enough away to not start a fire. At least that was the plan. Judgement calls like that always leave me worrying about flames reaching to the sky or explosions, but they seem to take it all in stride. They have pointed out to me that if I’m not the one out in the cold, I probably would be best not giving advice.  By lunch time, they had thawed the tractor enough that the solenoid would engage and the engine could start, and had delivered hay to the feeders, putting smiles on the faces of the hungry cows, steers and sheep :).