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Turkeys and Eagles

Posted 10/3/2016 6:13pm by Rebecca Coulter.

     Life for a totally free ranging turkey can be pretty good. They spend their days roaming through our Certified Organic pastures, eating grass, seeds, and organic :) bugs and grasshoppers. Sometimes they wander into the yard and flower beds, which brings the three little girls running out of the house to chase them away. At night, they make their way back to shelter, which is an old box truck with the engine and transmission removed, and roosts installed.

     However, we have heard that turkeys spend their days looking for a way to die, and free ranging presents some opportunities for that. In the photo above, Jason and Jacob are doing a turkey count, to see how many of the original 80 are still here.

     We lost a turkey in a most spectacular was this past Sunday, as we were eating dinner. Kinley looked out the front window, and saw two Bald Eagles wheeling and swooping in and out of sight behind the trees along our driveway. They soon landed, and started pecking and tearing a white shape we could barely see through the trees. We quickly got over our excitement at having eagles so near, when we realized it was a turkey they were eating, and considered how quickly they could decimate our little flock.

This is the view from our front porch, and the eagles were near the trees on the left side. We haven’t seen them since Sunday, and we hope they haven’t developed a taste for turkey! All of the turkeys who survive the dangers of free ranging have an appointment with the butcher on November 21st. We will be delivering them fresh, on Tuesday, November 22.   We will be at the Mechanicsburg drop site,  from 5:00-7:00; and at the Crystal City Farmers Market from 3:00 - 7:00 with your turkey. You may order items for your holiday visitors for that drop even if you don’t need a turkey.

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