Due to Covid19 restrictions, our market at Lansdale is currently limited to pre-orders only.  Please order in our online store, by 1:00 p.m. Friday, for Saturday pickup.  You may also pre-order for Silver Spring, but you don't have to, since that market is still open.  The Old Town Alexandria market will return to a regular market format on May 30th.  We will not be accepting pre-orders, until we find out if the city will allow us enough space to bring individual coolers for orders.  We are not able to take pre-payments, but will accept check, cash or credit at the booth. Thank you for supporting our family farm, and stay well!

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GMO free PORK, from happy piggies

GMO free pork


Whey Fed Pork  is a taste treat!  In the spring, when the cows no longer need the shelter of our three sided animal shed, the piggies move in.  They spend their days rooting through the composting bedding pack, visiting with the chickens, and munching on a special diet of GMO free grain.  Whey from the cheesemaking is one of their favorite foods.  The 16 foot ceiling in our shed assures plenty of fresh air, and lets in lots of sunshine.  For a special treat, we send them all the kitchen scraps, leftovers from summer canning, and garden produce that we sometimes have an overabundance of.

By fall, they are ready to go to the butcher.  All of our pork products are non-nitrate, and our sausages use a custom blend of spices.  Try some of our pork, from happy hogs humanely raised!