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Raw Milk Cheeses from Certified Organic, 100% Grassfed Milk


We produce our  Raw Milk Cheeses, from our own Certified Organic, 100% Grassfed Jersey Milk right here on our farm.  We typically stock several varieties of cheese, including:  Cheddar, Smoked Cheddar, Baby Swiss, Camembert, Tomme, Monterrey Jack, Pepper Jack, Garlic and Herb Jack, Ricotta, Gouda and others.  In addition, we offer several fresh cheeses and yogurt from pasteurized milk.  We milk our Jerseys seasonally so all cheese is made from Organic milk from cows on green pastures with NO grain or silage fed.  We are happy to ship to you.... check out our "Online Store", and order from the "Home Delivery" department.