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Farm Slideshow

We hope you enjoy these photos of the farm!

5 fat mama cowsoops, calf snuffle on the camerawe wouldn't want to be without our skid loader!Mom is watching out for her calfSpreading composted manure in the fallBig brother Jared luring three siblings into the squeeze chute...We got this calf's attentionOur 'free range'  egg vanApril brings pastures full of lambsEwes keeping an eye on the Township roadJessica with a 'bottle' lambJessica is 7 and proud to be able to help with choresThe children catching frogsJason is checking the bees.Working hard to make honey for us.Jess loves the sheep.cheddar cheeseJared is 'hiving' a swarm of beesFree range turkeys are hard on my flower beds :(Sabrina's adoption day!Poppa loves GennyThis swarm rested in the tree outside my window!TobyBuilding fenceBuilding fenceBuilding fenceBaker Bree!The girls making bread for Daddy.Jared in the Cheese Cave