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     Please remember that weights and prices for meats are approximate.    If you are ordering for pickup at Farm Market your order will be assembled at the market before you get there.  You may add to it if you like, and the market staff will total your order when you pick up.

     If you are ordering for our drops, you will receive an emailed invoice with the actual prices once we assemble your order, on Friday before the Saturday drop. You will pay by cash or check at the drop

     Orders to be shipped must be placed from the "Ship It To Me" department.  Shipping is calculated at checkout and you will pay by Paypal.   Orders will be shipped on Tuesdays.  If you live on the west coast, ground shipping will take 5 to 7 days, and we cannot guarantee that your cheese will arrive cold.  Priority Mail will arrive by Friday.

     Our 5off, 10off, and 15off coupons are available to help defray the cost of shipping, and are only valid for items ordered from the 'Ship It To Me' department.