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What is "Certified Organic"?

About our practices..

     Our farm has met the strict standards required by Pennsylvania Certified Organic since fall 2007.  We have been pesticide, herbicide, chemical fertilizer, chemical wormer, antibiotic, vaccine, and hormone free since 2003.  We use biological methods for fly control.  The sheep follow our cattle in the grazing rotation, to give us excellent weed control, which minimizes diesel intensive mowing.  The mineral rations we feed are certified organic, and provide kelp as well as numerous macro and micro minerals.  We use no commercial, chemical fertilizers, but rely on legumes and careful composting of our manure resources to maintain proper mineral and biological levels in our soils.  We try to purchase none of our feed off  the farm, and all the beef and lamb  that we harvest is from animals born on our farm.  We feed no grain...ever... to our cows and sheep.  Our stored forages are primarily a blend of fermented improved grasses mixed with alfalfa.  The exceptionally high energy and protein levels in this feed, as well as our pastures, produce an uncommonly high level of finish, taste and marbling in our meats. We use 'No Till' seeding methods to keep our pastures improving and highly productive without destructive tillage practices.  It is most satisfying to see our soil tests showing significant improvement with time as a result of our careful husbandry of not only animals, but also our soil.